The main purpose of the Complementary Management Model is to provide a theoretical basis for corporate models (= principles, guidelines) of management and leadership. These, in turn, make up the conceptual basis for all of the personnel work in organizations. Some essential fields of application are described here.

Manager Development

In order to ensure that line managers have the necessary competencies, the systematic selection and development of line managers is essential. Of course, this always suggests a certain implicit or explicit understanding of management and leadership. You can find more details on this »here«.

Corporate Models of Leadership and Management

Every larger organization, whether a company, public authority or NGO, should have its own model (= principles, guidelines) of leadership and management. This is understood to be the fundamental definitions of management and leadership in a specific organization, in other words, a constitution of personnel work. You can find more about it »here«.

The HR Function

The HR function (also referred to as human resources, HR) is an indispensable part of the management and leadership process. The Complementary Management Model has significant implications in terms of shaping its role and its contribution to businesses and other organizations. This is described »here«.