The theory of Complementary Management integrates a number of established leadership theories and field-tested mechanisms of action into a new theoretical construct. In line with the usual and methodologically desirable oscillation between theory building, fieldwork, and empirical testing, empirical studies are planned in the coming years to accompany the implementation in organizations and to examine the effectiveness of the theory.


Operationalization means making theoretical constructs measurable. Before evidence can be collected and the relationships of the effects can be investigated, it must be determined how to measure the constructs used, i.e., how they are to be converted into numbers or, at any rate, into evaluable nominal categories. More about this can be found »here«.

Effectiveness Research

Our research team is dedicated to empirically investigating the effectiveness of the theory of Complementary Management and to stimulating interest in the topic among other leadership scholars through international publications. More information can be found »here«.

Other Research Questions

Beyond the research questions mentioned, the theory of Complementary Management is also potentially useful for various other areas of human resource science. »Here« you can find more on this.