Secondary Literature

The Complementary Management Model is increasingly being included and presented in secondary literature. Here – without claiming to be complete – is a list of its reception.

Inclusion in Textbooks

The second edition of the renowned German textbook “Personalmanagement – Grundlagen, Handlungsfelder, Praxis” by Thomas Bartscher and Regina Nissen, published by Pearson-Verlag in 2017, presents the Complementary Management Model on pages 250-251.

Inclusion in Journal Articles

Fröhlich, Werner (2020): „Wege aus der Sackgasse: Permanente Führungskrise und Führungsversagen“; Personalführung 6/2020; S. 52-58.

Spies, Rainer (2014): Mitarbeiter fit für die Selbstführung machen; Bankmagazin 7-8/2015; S. 68-71. Download auf der »Website des Autors«.

Inclusion in General Reference Material

The Complementary Management Model has already been acknowledged for several years in the German version of the online encyclopedia »Wikipedia«. Currently, the entry has been updated to include information from the third German edition 2020.

The renowned German Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon lists the keyword “Komplementäre Führung”. The quotable entry can be found on the website “Gabler Wirtschaftlexikon Online”.

In the German text „Ist HR verzichtbar? Welche Funktionen der Personaler wirklich wahrnehmen sollte“ from April 16, 2016, Johannes Thönnessen takes up an essential aspect of Complementary Management, namely the active role of HR advisors in the management process (“HR co-management”); to be found on the website “Managementwissen Online”.

Blogs, Websites, etc.

Under “Learnings from the HR Business Partner Model by Dave Ulrich”, Marcus K. Reif refers to the Complementary Management Model on his »Website« (11.10.2017).

The blog »« presents it in the section “Leadership Trends for 2017”(article no longer available).

The »website of the Swiss HR magazine HR Today« takes up Complementary Management under “Leadership: Not more of the same” (07.10.2014).